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CFO of Everside Health
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Heather Dixon is the CFO of Everside Health, a healthcare company aiming to “create a different kind of healthcare experience” at its nationwide centers. Everside Health grew out of a merger of four separate, private companies in 2021.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

How are you and your team preparing for the current markets?

Oh, boy. Well, we could have a couple of hours on this one. We have spent a lot of time really focused on a couple of things—what are the right sources of liquidity? Right now, when you think about the markets, there’s the public markets, there’s the private markets, and there’s bank markets. All of these things line up on a spectrum. They’re all a little bit shaky right now.

Where I would say there’s been a certain shift is everyone’s now focusing on, “Are you profitable?” Or, “do you have a very clear path to profitability?” For a while, the markets were rewarding, very high growth, magic numbers, and really large multiples, and they wanted really high growth and “just grow as fast as you can, and the profitability will sort itself out because you’ll get there when you get scale.”

Now there’s a certain shift, and that’s where I would say the public markets and the private markets are sort of aligning to where some of the banking financing was, where they’re really focused on your profitability, and certainly your cash-flow path. Because they still want to reward growth, but they want to reward profitable growth. And I think that is a really big pivot from even where we were 12 months ago.

If you’re talking to a group of new finance fellows or finance interns and someone asks for one moment you’ll never forget in your career, what do you say?

I would say probably the biggest defining moment in my career was when I had someone who I worked for who came to me and said, “Look, I can see that you have a lot of potential, and I can see that you’re ready for the next role,” which was their role. We worked together to plan how I would move into that role while this person moved into their next role. As a leader, that is a really hard thing to do—you’re effectively planning together for someone to take your seat.

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You’ve had a really international career, how do you think that helped you?

I cannot stress enough how much educational value those years spent abroad had…You learn to see others’ perspectives…For 12 years, I lived inside of the NHS, the nationalized health care system for the UK. I had my children in the UK, under their health care scheme…Every year living abroad is likely probably three or four [years] in university advanced education, because you just learn so much.

And from a professional perspective and a business perspective, you really learn a lot about what the value is in other countries and what you need to do. The infrastructure you need in the US is totally different from the infrastructure that you need abroad. And that’s one of the hardest things for people to learn if they’ve only been a domestically operating professional, if you’re responsible for finance and US only, and then you take on finance abroad. There are tax and legislative rules that say you have to have a structure, and you need to understand those rules. And that is invaluable experience.

What’s something that people wouldn’t know from your LinkedIn profile?

I have two teenage boys, which is a whole ’nother skill set that I have to have to survive in life. And you’d be surprised at the crossover between those two skill sets that you need to sort of be a CFO and be a mother of two teenage boys. But that’s something you wouldn’t get off of my LinkedIn profile, but you pick it up within a heartbeat if you were ever in my house or in the same room with me.—KT

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Navigate the constantly evolving world of global finance with our twice-weekly newsletter.